Proceedings of Läänemaa Museum

Proceedings of Läänemaa Museum XXII

KATRIN TREUMAN. Cup-marked stones in Läänemaa

IVAR LEIMUS. Some additions to the coin deposit of the Late Viking-Age from Võnnu, Läänemaa

MADIS MAASING. The canons of Osilia during the reign of Bishop Peter Wetberg (1471–91)

JÜRI KIVIMÄE. The peasants’ complaints in Läänemaa (Wiek) anno 1561

ANU MÄND. On the grave slab of a Saare-Lääne (Ösel-Wiek) bishop

ISABEL AASO-ZAHRADNIKOVA, HILKKA HIIOP, TIINA-MALL KREEM, ANNELI RANDLA. New data on Christian Ackermann’s work in Karuse, Lihula, and
Martna churches

INNA PÕLTSAM-JÜRJO. Inventories of Haapsalu Town and Castle Churches anno 1692and 1693

KALEV JAAGO. Proof of the existence of a town moat at the beginning of the later Kalda Street. The extract from the minutes of the Haapsalu town council meeting on 14 May 1778

IVAR RÜÜTLI. Between-the-line Russwurm. Recollections about translating “Eibofolke”

AGO PAJUR. One hundred years from the birth of the Estonian artillery in Haapsalu

MATI MANDEL. The forest brothers of Oru parish in the Summer War of 1941

TRIIN TARK. The late-resettlers from Läänemaa: about the background and ethnicity of people who emigrated to Germany in 1941

Compilator: Eve Otstavel

Editor: Anu Lepp

Design: Kersti Siitan

Number of pages: 275

Foundation of Haapsalu and Läänemaa Museums, 2019

Proceedings of Läänemaa Museum XXI. From the City Wall to a Lavabo: Studies of the Medieval and Early Modern Läänemaa

Anton Pärn. Haapsalu City Wall in the Light of Recent Studies

Madis Maasing. Was the Cathedral Chapter of Ösel-Wiek reserved to the Nobility after 1524?

Anu Mänd, Kaire Tooming. Finds of Medieval Carved Stone from the Haapsalu Castle in 2017

Erki Russow. A Spout of the Medieval Lavabo or Laver from the Outskirts of Lihula

Risto Paju. Mislabelled. The Lost Baptismal font of Lihula Church in the Ashlar Collection of Tallinn City Museum

Merike Kurisoo. The Forgotten Altarpiece from Lääne-Nigula Church

Kalev Jaago, Tiiu Jaago. The Fieldwork in Collecting Maidla´s Place Lore

Kalev Jaago. Linnamäe Village and Haapsalu Connection from the year 1549

Compilator: Eve Otstavel

Editor: Anu Lepp

Design: Kersti Siitan

Number of pages: 155

Foundation of Haapsalu and Läänemaa Museums, 2018